Wildfires and Poor Air Quality: Disruptions and Health Concerns Across North America

White Scribbled Underline
White Scribbled Underline

Poor conditions caused by wildfires have led to the cancellation of events and grounded flights across the US, highlighting the impact of climate change, as stated by President Joe Biden.

Over 100 million people in North America are currently experiencing very poor air quality, according to data from the US Environmental Protection Agency's Air Quality Index (AQI).

Cities in North America, including Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York, had worse air quality than cities abroad like Lahore, Dhaka, and Hanoi, based on the AQI data.

The smoke from the wildfires has resulted in the closure of schools, sporting events, and even the White House's planned pride celebrations. The National Zoo also had to shut down, with its animals moved indoors for safety.

The smoke from these fires has affected areas in Canada, such as Janvier in Alberta, with high levels of contamination exceeding the air quality in Washington DC.

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