Your deductible is the amount of cash from your own pocket to pay for damages when you find a claim. You can reduce your monthly auto insurance premiums by increasing your deductible

Older vehicles often don’t cost as much to insure because of the wear and tear factor. Consider dropping comprehensive or collision insurance to lower the cost.

Minimize your mileage by using mass transit options or carpooling  The less you drive, the less you’ll likely pay for monthly auto insurance premiums.

Bundle your insurance. You can pay less overall premiums for bundled insurance than if you buy each plan separately

A good driving record indicates that you’re a safe driver, which can lower your monthly premiums, especially if you rarely drive. Ask your insurer about discounts and programs for safe drivers

Your choice of car will affect your insurance rates based on the model’s price, repair costs, and safety record. Buying an affordable used car can cut insurance rates in half

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