Unexpected Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

Unexpected Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver, insurance in Orange, California

Unexpected Skills You Should Teach Your Teen Driver

While having the right insurance in Orange, California will help, teaching your teen these unexpected skills will best prepare them for the open road.

If your teen is learning how to drive, then you probably already have them covered by the right auto insurance in Orange, California.  However, insurance isn’t always enough.  Make sure they are prepared for any driving situation that they might encounter.  While you’ve probably taught them all the rules of the road, there is more knowledge that you can pass down to your teen driver.  Teach your teen these unexpected driving skills and they’ll be ready for whatever comes their way.

How to Read a Map

In the age of smart phones and other devices, most teens do not know how to use a map to navigate.  However, if your child ever gets lost and does not have access to cell service, then they could get stranded.  That’s why it’s important to teach your child how to read a map and how to use it to guide them through unfamiliar places.  Additionally, you should advise them to always keep maps in their car in case of an emergency.

How to Change a Tire

While it’s easy to call someone and get a flat tire repaired, your teen should know how to handle this situation for themselves.  If they are unable to call for help, then they’ll have choice but to tackle a flat tire on their own.  Teaching your teen how to safely and properly change a tire will prepare them for any tire trouble they might encounter.

How to Handle a Car Accident

While the thought of your child getting into a car accident is any parent’s worst nightmare, don’t avoid discussing this possibility with your teen driver.  Should your teen ever get into a collision, it’ important that they understand how to handle the situation.  Start by looking over a step-by-step guide that explains what you should do in the aftermath of a car accident.  Answer any questions and address any concerns your teen might have.  Teaching them how to deal with a car accident will ensure that they handle the situation calmly and efficiently if they ever get into a collision.

Teach your teen these unexpected driving skills and they’ll be prepared to tackle the open road.  Another way to make sure that your teen driver is ready for anything is to have the right insurance in Orange, California.  To find the right policy to fit your needs, contact the experts at Remland Insurance.  Our dedicated team is ready to get you covered today.