National Physical Fitness & Sports Month


National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Fitness and health are two aspects of life which are crucial for everyone’s life, but not every American gets enough exercise to stay healthy.

May is National Physical Fitness & Sports Month. It is an effort to raise awareness to every American to get out and get healthy with some physical exercise. Of course, at the heart of every efficient and good exercise is a proper diet. Here are a few things you can do to participate in National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Be Active

Physical activity benefits everyone. Develop an exercise routine, not just for May but beyond! Whether you choose to run, lift, walk, swim, bike, or do a sport, physical activity is important to keep your heart and body healthy.

The Types of Physical Activity for You

  • Muscle-strengthening activities for increasing the strength of your muscles.
  • Bone-strengthening activities are important for children and the elderly.
  • Aerobic activities make you breathe harder and make your heart beat faster, which strengthens your lung capacity and your heart. To gauge the intensity of your workout, here’s a general guide: for moderate activities, you can talk but can’t sing. For vigorous activities, you can barely say a few words without having to stop to catch your breath.

30 minutes of physical activity a day for adults, and 60 minutes for children at least five days a week is recommended by the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

If you haven’t been active in a while and have to dust off your running shoes, you have to start off slow, and progressively build on your routine to avoid any serious injury. Consult your physician before starting any new physical activity.

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