Interesting Things Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance

Unexpected home insurance coverages

Interesting Things Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance

Unexpected coverage included in your homeowners insurance.

While most people know that their home insurance in Orange, California covers physical damages to their home, they might not realize that their coverage extends beyond this.  In actuality, your homeowners insurance actually provides more coverage than you might expect.  Here are some of the surprising things covered by your home insurance.

Sheds, Gazebos, Doghouses, etc.

As previously mentioned, home insurance covers physical damages to your home, but did you know that this coverage extends to other structures on your property?  This means that sheds, gazebos, patios, doghouses, and other structures on your property are covered if they sustain damage.  Just make sure that your insurance provider knows about these structures, that way they can be documented for insurance purposes.

Dog Bites

In addition to coverage for physical damage, your homeowners insurance also includes personal liability coverage.  This coverage kicks in during pet-related liability issues such as a dog bite.  Should your pet bite a neighbor, then your homeowners insurance will cover the costs associated with their medical treatment and your legal fees if they decide to sue.  However, you need to make sure that your dog is explicitly covered in your policy.  Some insurers will refuse to cover certain, “dangerous” dog breeds.

Your Belongings as You Travel

Finally, your homeowners insurance covers the belongings that you carry with you as you travel under the “off-premises” provision in your policy.  This means that if you are on vacation in Europe and your laptop is stolen, then your insurance will likely cover this loss.  Just be aware that this coverage might have limits.  So, if you are travelling with a particularly expensive item, you might want to add an endorsement to your policy to ensure that you have all the coverage you need.

These are some of the surprising things covered under your home insurance in Orange, California.  Do you have more questions regarding your homeowners coverage?  Then don’t hesitate contact us at Remland Insurance.  Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your insurance needs.