How to: Handle a Car Accident

How to: Handle a Car Accident

How to: Handle a Car Accident

Learn how to handle a car accident from your initial response, to contacting your provider of insurance in Orange, California.

Getting into an accident is every driver’s worst nightmare.  While the experience can be overwhelming and downright scary, it’s important that you stay calm.  Give yourself some peace of mind by trusting your auto insurance in Orange, California and by understanding how deal with this situation.

Initial Response

Immediately after you get into a car accident, take a second to process what just happened.  Check to make sure you’re uninjured and move your vehicle to a safe place if possible.  After turning on your hazard lights, exit your vehicle and check on the other parties (other driver, bicyclist, pedestrian, etc.) involved.  Contact medical emergency services if necessary.

Contact the Police

Even if it’s a minor accident, contact the police.  Having a police report of the accident can help you when you go to file your insurance claim.  When the police arrive, avoid accusing others or admitting fault.  Let the officers determine fault for themselves.

Get Information

It’s important that you exchange information with the other party involved.  Gather information such as names, license plate numbers, insurance information, contact information for witnesses, location of the accident, and the names and badge numbers of the responding police officers.  At this time, you should also take a few minutes to take pictures of the damage and the accident scene as a whole.

Call Your Insurance Company

Finally, make sure you let your insurance company know what happened as soon as you can.  If you aren’t sure who to call, your insurance ID card should have your insurer’s contact information.  Additionally, many insurance agencies can be reached online.  Once you get into contact, your agent can help you with the claims process.  Having a copy of the police report and any pictures of the accident can help with your claims process.

Follow these steps to learn how to handle a car accident.  Remember, having the right insurance in Orange, California can make handling a car accident a little easier.  To find the right auto insurance for you, contact Remland Insurance.  Our insurance experts are ready to help you get the coverage you need today.