Can You Find Modified Auto Insurance for Your Modified Car


Can You Find Modified Auto Insurance for Your Modified Car

Modified cars come in all shapes and sizes, but can you find quality modified auto insurance in Orange for these types of cars. 

You’ve added a supercharger, racing spoiler, an iconic number 5 to your side-doors, hydraulic suspension, and custom paint job to your car. Like many car buffs who like to modify their car for performance, you are left wondering if any car insurance company will insure your car. We are here to tell you that getting modified auto insurance in Orange for your customized car is a lot easier than you may think.

Affordable Modified Auto Insurance in Orange

When you are in the market for modified car insurance, we can help make sure that your modified ride has the proper auto insurance to keep you, and the customizations, protected.

Modified auto insurance in Orange can reimburse or replace any of the following components that your modified car may have:

  • Height-extending roofs
  • Custom murals, paintings, or other decals or graphics
  • Stereo, sound reproducing, sound recording, and television equipment
  • Personal computers, Internet access, and navigation systems
  • Special carpeting or insulation
  • Custom wheels, tires, or spinners
  • Radios, citizens band radios, and scanners
  • Custom chrome and paint
  • Body, engine, exhaust, or suspension enhancers
  • Winches, anti-roll, or anti-sway bars
  • Telephones, televisions, and video entertainment systems
  • Custom grilles, louvers, side pipes, hood scoops, or spoilers
  • Furniture or bars

No matter the size of your customization, it needs to be included in your customized parts and equipment coverage. This can be something as epic a Speed Racer “Mach-5” customization or something as simple as an axillary port installation.

Why do people think modified car insurance is hard to find?

This myth stems from an aggrandized idea of modified cars. That every modified car will be out street racing from dusk till dawn. But that’s simply not the case. Many modified car owners do not want to risk their modifications getting damaged and take very good care of their cars.

Modified car insurance is available and we are here to help you acquire it. Our staff at Remland Insurance can help find the perfect modified auto insurance in Orange. Contact us for any questions you may have! We at Remland Insurance will give you the care and coverage that you deserve.