February is American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month

February is American Heart MonthFebruary is American Heart Month, do you know the necessary steps to take towards a healthier and stronger heart?

Along with Black History Month, February is host to American Heart Month. American Heart Month was created in an effort to raise heart awareness for everyone who is worried about their heart. Heart disease is the leading killer amongst men and women, so it is easy to see why people would have their heart on their mind. These tips will help your heart get started towards a healthy path.

Exercise at least three times a week. 
Your heart is a muscle and just like every other muscle in your body, you need to exercise it in order for it to be strong. Start by walking fifteen minutes three times a week and then by mid-month, increase that time from fifteen minutes to thirty minutes.

Visit your doctor regularly. 
Your doctor can find any irregularities within your heart before they turn into serious health issues. Early detection is crucial in order to reduce your chances of acquiring heart disease. If it is too late, your doctor can recommend certain actions you can take to delay its adverse effects.

Start eating more vegetables and less meat. 
Vegetables are incredibly healthy for you and are great for your heart because of the nutrition they offer. Vegetables should not only be a part of every meal, but they should also be the majority of that meal. Additionally, cutting back on your meat consumption can do wonders for your heart and environment.

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