How to Handle a Power Outage in Your Home

How to Handle a Power Outage in Your Home, deal with a power outage

How to Handle a Power Outage in Your Home

Steps to deal with a power outage.

Power outages can strike with very little warning, but they should not be a cause for panic.  While they may be inconvenient, power outages are more annoying than dangerous.  Follow these steps to deal with a power outage and you and your family will be perfectly safe.

Stock Up on Water

When an area loses power, they often lose access to water as well.  If you suspect that a power outage is coming your way, then make sure you stock up on drinking water.  To have water for washing, fill up buckets and bath tubs in your home while you still can.  This will save you some serious trouble if you lose access to water.

Install Detectors

When the power goes out in the winter, many people light up their fireplaces, gas stoves, and other types of heaters.  However, the use of these things increases your risk for both fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.  To keep your loved ones safe, make sure you have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout your home.  You should have both types of detectors on every floor and in every sleeping area of your home.

Protect Appliances

When the power goes out, it’s common to experience sudden power surges.  These bursts of electricity could damage sensitive electronics such as your television, computer, and other appliances.  To avoid this unnecessary damage, make sure you unplug any electronics when the power first goes out.  Leave on one light in your home so you know when the power is safely back before plugging everything back in.

Have Cash on Hand

While stores will likely remain open during a blackout, they might not be able to process credit card purchases.  Additionally, ATMs in your area will also probably be out of commission.  So, make sure that you keep an emergency stash of cash on hand.  This should tide you over until the power returns.

These are just a few of the steps you should take to deal with a power outage.  Remember, another way to be prepared for anything that comes your way is to have the right insurance protection in place.  To find the right policies to fit your needs, contact the professionals at Remland Insurance in Orange, California.  We are ready to get you covered today.