How You Can Get Organized for Tax Season

How You Can Get Organized for Tax Season

How You Can Get Organized for Tax SeasonIf you want to have a successful tax season, you need to make sure that you are organized to the best of your ability. 

Just like Elmer Fud, you would rather that spring mark either rabbit or duck season. Not tax season. But with very real consequences looming, it’s best that you embrace tax season. It doesn’t have to be all bad. With a bit of organization and planning, you can make filing your taxes go as smooth as Elmer Fud’s head. Here are a few organizational tips you should use to be ready for tax season.

Social Security Numbers

The IRS identifies you not by your name, but with your social security number. If you take your taxes to a tax professional, make sure that you include your social security number before you hand over your file. Don’t forget about your spouse’s SSN if you file jointly.

Your Income Tax

The IRS wants a portion of your income tax, so that means you need a W-2 from every company for which you worked for. You should have received all of them via mail by the end of January. If you did not receive yours, make sure to call all your previous/current employers for your W-2 form.
If you are an independent contractor, you don’t get a W-2. Instead, you should receive a 1099-MISC.
Self-employed? That means you need to be even more organized. Collect all receipts and records of all business-related expenses. This includes your gas mileage to the office equipment and supplies that you purchased for your business.

Now that you know that organization can help streamline the process, we hope you will take these considerations seriously.

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