Busting 2 Myths About Life Insurance in Orange, CA

Busting 2 Myths About Life Insurance in Orange, CA

Busting 2 Myths About Life Insurance in Orange, CAWhen it comes to something as important as life insurance in Orange, CA, it’s important to have the ability to decipher fact from myth and fiction. 

Is objectively incorrect information forestalling you from taking out a life insurance policy? Today, there are many opinions that encompass the world of life insurance. Many people have bought into these notions that range from “I have enough money, I don’t need it,” to, “Insurance is just a waste of money.” This line of thinking can prevent you from making rational and logical decisions–not to worry, though. All people have this line of thinking for one thing or another (it’s called cognitive bias). But we’re going to talk about the life insurance myths. Here are two myths about life insurance that will no longer impact your rational thinking.

Myth #1: “If my company provides life insurance, I don’t need a policy.” 

This one seems logical: why buy more of what you already have? Well, if you look into your policy given by your employer, it’s likely a very simple policy with a low sum assured. This low sum may not cover important things like mortgage, debts, funeral costs, the cost of children and their education, etc. It’s always a good idea to have a back-up.

Myth #2: “I have enough money, so I don’t need it.”

It’s easy to think that just because you have enough money in your bank account, that your dependents will be okay if you pass. But what if you go through financial trouble, and exhaust your resources before you pass? Should the unexpected happen, your family could be in a load of trouble when they are expected to pay funeral expenses, mortgages, and any debts that you accrued.

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