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“Zombie Homes” California’s Latest Housing Trend

“Zombie Homes” California’s Latest Housing Trend

Have you heard of the latest trend in the housing market?The term is almost too funny to believe and it’s taking off like wild fire across the United States. With millions of homes in the foreclosure category,many properties are becoming known as “Zombie Homes.”

Zombie home is defined as a home the owner has moved out of, and the lender never finishes the foreclosure paperwork.  The owner may be absent, but they are still legally bound and responsible for the foreclosed property including taxes, homeowner’s insurance, home owner’s association fees, fines for building code violations and other costs.

 Zombie homes also face issues with infestations, squatters, leaks, structural damages and more due to the lack of care and regular maintenance that is being neglected. Public city records state clearly who is in charge of each property in their jurisdiction, so there really is no running away from the issue, but taking responsibility and making sure all the paperwork is filed and finished is key when dealing with any home foreclosure or sale.

It is estimated that over 300,000 Zombie homes exist in the United States and in California alone there are said to be around 28,000.Please be a responsible homeowner when it comes to house sales and the proper paperwork. Work closely with your bank and lender to figure out the best scenario for you and your family. Your California home insurance should remain until the day of sale in order to protect yourself from any additional legal troubles or home issues.

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