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Your Car Keys Could Save Your Life…

Your Car Keys Could Save Your Life…

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Social Media is a beautiful thing. We are able to send word across the entire world in seconds that can help save lives and protect homes with just a little tip! Yesterday, one of our staff here at Remland Insurance came across a brilliant idea that we cannot wait to share with all of our California home insurance clients. It costs nothing, and could make a world of difference when it comes to a home burglary or invasion.

Every night before you go to bed, take your car keys & alarm remote with you and place it onto your night stand. During the night, if you hear any unusual noise outside or the sound of someone trying to break into the house push the panic button on the remote! The noise is typically so loud that it will scare away a burglar that may be trying to break in and it won’t require you to even leave the bedroom.

Coming face to face with a robber can be a scary situation for anyone and can often turn violent. There is really no telling if a weapon is involved until you confront them. This is a simple safety tip that can not only protect your home, but also the lives of your family members.

Over dinner tonight, share with your family about this new safety procedure you plan to try out, and make sure and do some testing to see if your vehicle is in range to have its alarm set off. Our staff here at Remland Insurance truly cares about your safety and hope this information serves as a small help if you are ever faced with this situation!

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