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Your California Auto Insurance and a Hamburger?

Your California Auto Insurance and a Hamburger?

If you’ve ever wondered what the most hazardous distraction while driving is…look no further! We have the statistics for you, and they are very surprising. Your California auto insurance policy’s main purpose is to cover damages, accidents and injury…but there is nothing they are able to do about a senseless fatality while driving.


As you know, the National Transportation Safety Board has called for a national ban on cell phone use while driving although different states have their own policies.  However, a new Harris Interactive/Health Day poll suggests that cell phones are just one of the many bad habits that distract drivers.  By far, the most deaths result from eating/drinking while driving (86 %), then cell phones (59%), then adjusting GPS devices (41%) and texting (37%).  And we can’t forget driving while intoxicated almost always ends in disaster! These percentages may seem shocking, but our society is so rushed, that people don’t even have time to pull over and eat in their car; they must eat while driving to the next location.


It’s no doubt that in today’s fast paced society, many American’s lose sight of the privilege of driving a car and maybe we all need to get back to the basics of driving and realize that cars are also a lethal weapon and need to be respected and driven without the pressure of fulfilling other duties while we are behind the wheel. After all it could result in you or someone else losing their life all over a simple bite of your hamburger or French fries.


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