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Winter Wellness Tips!

Winter Wellness Tips!

Winter Wellness Tips!

Keep Healthy This Winter With These Helpful Hints

As the holiday season winds down, our busy schedule begins to let up. The cold weather, however, can still be enough to keep us run down. Beat the winter blues with these tips and tricks to keep healthy despite the chilly, dry weather.

  • Stay Active: The cold air might make getting outside for a workout extra difficult, but knowing that your body will burn extra calories to keep warm should help motivate you. Keep moving this winter to help your body beat sickness and avoid being sedentary.
  • Take Your Vitamins: In the midst of eating out regularly, seeing holiday cookies everywhere you turn, and cocktail parties happening every weekend you may find you are out of your normal nutrition routine. Do not let your body become deprived of the nutrients it needs by eating dark, leafy green and colorful fruits and vegetables every chance you get.
  • Drink Up: The dry winter weather is your body’s enemy. Combat it by drinking water (hot tea counts!) throughout the day. Not only will you avoid dehydration, but also the water will keep your mucous membranes moist and bacteria-resistant.
  • Go To Sleep: Are you feeling exhausted after the holidays? Listen to your body, and get some extra sleep. People who are sleep deprived are more likely to get sick.
  • Wash Your Hands: Not only will you stop the spread of germs, but you will also get the chance to run your hands under warm water to heat them up.

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