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The Winter Olympic Games kick off THIS FRIDAY – February 7th

The Winter Olympic Games kick off THIS FRIDAY – February 7th

Photo Credit: NBC - Corporate.Comcast

Photo Credit: NBC – Corporate.Comcast

The Sochi Winter Olympics are just days away, kicking off this Friday, February 7th in Russia! The Olympics are often the most watched events of the year as they air on televisions across the entire world as natives tune in to support their country and athletic competitors. Each time a new Olympics airs on television, the host city tried to out-do the last Olympics by adding more pyrotechnics, dancers, singers and animation. But this year’s interesting facts and statistics in Sochi, Russia are staggering compared to the last few…

  1. Russia has blasted the Olympic torch into the space making them the first country to ever take the torch to the cosmic level
  2. There have been three deadly bombings in Volgograd in the last three months…the most amount of attacks and bombings this close to the Olympics ever – Security has also been highly boosted
  3. 2014 will mark the 22nd Winter Olympiad and Russia’s first time as a Winter Olympic host
  4. This year’s Winter Olympics will feature athletes from 87 different nations
  5. The Sochi Olympic medal will boast the lightest weight in grams of any Olympic medal ever won
  6. There will be 1,300 Olympic medals presented at this year’s Olympic Games
  7. Opening ceremonies will feature more than 3,000 artistic performers on three stages
  8. A grand total of 3,500 athletes will compete in the 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic games
  9. An estimated 100,000 security personnel will be on staff during the entire run of the 2014 Winter games
  10. It is estimated that over $51 billion (U.S. currency) has been spent on the preparations for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic games making it the most expensive in history! The runner up was the 2008 summer games in Beijing which cost a whopping $40 billion. The last Winter Olympics in Vancouver  cost a mere $6 billion

Be sure to tune in on Friday, February 7th for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games!


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