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Why do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance Annually?

Why do Men Pay More for Auto Insurance Annually?


Have you ever wondered why men pay more for car insurance then women? It’s a question our staff gets asked a lot and we thought sharing some facts with our valued customers would be the perfect way to help answer the question. It’s a commonly known fact that men pay more than women for auto insurance on a yearly basis and this pattern has been going on for decades.

Vice President of the Insurance Information Institute, Loretta Worters’ main goal is to increase public awareness of insurance. She states that the gap closes between men and women after the age of 25, but never fully closes causing men’s annual premiums to remain a few percent higher in most cases. In a study done from the year 2000-2009, the National Department of Transportation found that men were involved in 18 million more accidents then women over the nine year period.

The main factors of the rate difference include accident statistics and driving habits. Insurance carriers have more annual payouts on claims caused by male drivers and in order to fund the claims that happen each year, rates for all male drivers are affected. It helps to maintain a good driving record and be sure to ask your California insurance agent about any additional discounts available for education or occupation.

Women’s annual insurance premiums have stayed lower due to the fewer number of accidents, tend to avoid “off-roading” lower statistic of DUI’s and many less serious accidents than men.  Insurance carriers consider men to be a greater rick to insure and that is the main reason they pay more annually then women drivers across the United States.

We highly recommend for your own health and safety to drive defensively and responsibility always remaining aware of your surroundings while behind the wheel. If you are currently paying too much for your California auto insurance, give Remland Insurance a call today at 714) 532-3341 for assistance in lowering your annual premium or obtaining the proper insurance coverage. 


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