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When it comes to your California Home Insurance, make the right choice by having us protect you!

When it comes to your California Home Insurance, make the right choice by having us protect you!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Southern California homeowners are eligible for numerous financial incentives when they make energy-efficient upgrades. These upgrades can range from a $60 utility rebate on a new refrigerator, a $500 federal tax credit for upgraded insulation, or $1,875 from the state for replacing a natural gas water heater with a solar model.

However, a new survey conducted for National Energy Awareness Month (October) has found that few Americans are taking advantage of such incentives. Although half of the survey’s respondents said they had made home improvements to save energy and money, 71% said they didn’t take advantage, and 61% said they were unaware such incentives even existed.

“Consumers are more interested in improving their consumption than reducing it,” said Rusty Haynes, project manager for, an online database that lists 2,750 policies and programs for rebates and incentives across the U.S., including 155 in California. “By reducing energy consumption, you have more money on hand to do other things, but I think a lot of consumers view that as work.”

Database users can search for eligible incentives in their area with the site’s search tool, which allows them to filter searches by state, specific technology, type of incentive, and whether the incentive is for a home, business, school, or government entity.

With so many helpful tools online that enable people to save money, don’t you think you should take advantage of this? Everyone wants to save money, but typically only if they are getting something in return. With Remland Insurance, once you save money on our California home insurance, you will keep your family, home, and memories protected!

We believe everyone should feel protected while in their home, so this is why we are here for our community to help them reach the peace of mind they deserve. Our team will explain your options and simplify the entire process for you.

This insurance will cover your personal possessions, the structure of your home, liability, and more. You can depend on us and our California home insurance to not only save you money, but keep you secure in the place you love!


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