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What Would Your Office Staff Do In A Major Earthquake?

What Would Your Office Staff Do In A Major Earthquake?

What would you do if your entire office staff was at work and a crisis hit? Panic? Scream? Run Away? Although those may seem like the easiest solution to the problem, they are not very professional in a time of crisis. At Remland Insurance, we feel that each small business should have a Crisis-plan outlined and on file so that if a sudden issue should arise, your staff will be equip to handle it. Your California business insurance should cover immediate damages, but during the re-build process, it is important to maintain company structure.

Each office culture is unique. Each staff member will handle a crisis in a different way, so it is very important to create a clear crisis-communication strategy that each staff member is comfortable with in case you’re ever faced with these circumstances. Whether it be a company bankruptcy, a lawsuit, a major earthquake, an office fire, a sudden merger or a product recall…the outline should be clearly written and given to each employee for future use. It is a good idea for the plan to be printed and kept in each employee’s desk and at home for review in a time of need. If the office building is not usable immediately, each staff member will know what to do from home and who to contact as soon as possible. Printable Office Emergency Plan form available to print here.

California business insurance can cover employee benefits, property damages, earthquake damages, liability and much more. Each business should be covered up to a certain dollar amount that will protect any unforeseen damages…but a national crisis or threat, create a much different procedure that normal people are not equip to deal with. Be sure to meet with your staff regularly and keep them informed of any changes in the plan, also be sure to update the paper copy.

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