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What to do when Community Tragedy Strikes

What to do when Community Tragedy Strikes

This world is getting more and more unpredictable each day. Innocent people killed, children sick with insurable diseases and wars going on across the globe…but what would you do if tragedy struck in your backyard? This article was inspired by a great blog called “Ask Amy Daily,” and we feel this information would be very helpful to teach your entire family and even pass along to friends.

With the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, we got to thinking…what if this would have happened in our local community? The shooter after all was originally from Southern California and he had the capability of planning the attack anywhere he wanted but chose the innocent people seeing a movie in his current hometown. The following are some great tips on how to listen to and train your kids for community tragedy or disaster:

When community tragedy strikes:

  • Allow children to watch TV only while sitting with an adult who is willing to further explain the news to them
  • TV images imbed tragedy into children’s minds and often frighten them for years
  • Ask your child how they are feeling about the events, and be there to listen
  • Get them involved in community relief efforts, this will help in the healing process
  • When your child says “I’m afraid,” take those words seriously and comfort them, children are not equip with how to deal with tragedy at a young age
  • Children react strongly to non-verbal signs, so be sure to keep verbal communication open
  • Explain what is being done to protect them, but do not promise that an occurrence like this could never happen again
  • Allow your child to ask the same question repeatedly, they need confirmation and repetition in comforting answers much more than adults
  • Remain available into the weeks and months after a tragedy (family , community, local happening) for your children to talk through and heal from the wound
  • Talk to your child’s school administration about grief counseling for the kids

Community tragedy can happen at any time, and its’ better to be ready to deal with it head on, rather than months after. There is a nonprofit called Rainbows for All Children that helps communities that are experiencing or living through tragedy. They have a lot of great information and resources available on their website. To learn more visit


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