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What to Do With a Blown Out Tire

What to Do With a Blown Out Tire

What to Do With a Blown Out Tire

Blown out tires can be scary, especially if it happens while you’re driving at high speeds. But with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to handle them like a pro. 

May through October is prime time for tire blowouts, thanks to the warmer temperatures that heat up the roads and subsequently, your tires. Letting a blowout catch you off guard could put you, your passengers, and other motorists in danger. Be ready for the unexpected by knowing how to handle a tire blowout.

Handling a Tire Blowout

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), there are an average of 11,000 tire-related accidents each year. The moments right after a tire pops are crucial, and could either turn it into a harmless mishap or a potentially deadly accident. Your reaction could help lower the risk of accidents and injury. Whether your tires have never popped before or they have, here is what you can do:

  1. Stay calm. The explosive sound and loud noises that accompany a blowout can be rather startling, but try not to panic.
  2. Keep your foot on the gas pedal. It’s natural to want to hit the brakes as soon as you hear the pop, but this can lead to you losing control of your vehicle. Instead, press on the accelerator to maintain speed and stabilize your car, then slowly ease off the pedal.
  3. Control the vehicle. Your car will pull in the direction of a flat tire. Grip the wheel tightly and keep in your lane.
  4. Pull over. You’re going to want to pull over as soon as you can because driving with a flat puts unwanted stress on the rim. As your car slows, pull the shoulder of the road. If you know how to change a tire, do it now. If you don’t, but have the right equipment, you can always watch a YouTube video or call roadside services.

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