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What to Do If You Add the Wrong Fuel in Your Tank?

What to Do If You Add the Wrong Fuel in Your Tank?

What to Do If You Add the Wrong Fuel in Your Tank?

There are usually a number of options of gasoline available to you. What do you do if you accidentally fill your car up with the wrong gas?

Today’s gas pumps are a potentially confusing array of names, colors, alphanumeric symbols, and prices. Gas usually comes in three to five varieties of gas, and that doesn’t include diesel. If you’re in a rush and don’t take the time to read their labels, you could accidentally fill your gas tank with the wrong gas which could range from a ruined engine to “no harm, no foul.” If you accidentally find yourself in this predicament, here are some of the options you have.

Gas into a diesel engine.

If you’ve filled your diesel car with normal gas, you have to clean the whole system. This entails draining the fuel and refilling with the correct diesel fuel. Don’t drive your car as your engine could suffer some serious damage. Call a tow truck and be towed to the nearest mechanic who can do this for you.

Diesel into a gas engine.

This is a different matter. A couple of gallons of fuel may only make the car run poorly and will smoke like a steam locomotive. If, however, fed only diesel, the engine will quickly stop working. Again, call a tow truck.

It’s always best to take a breath before you pump to make sure that you don’t fill up your tank with the wrong kind of gas. Failure to do so will lead to repairs that range in price from expensive to very expensive.

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