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What Outdoor Hazards May Not Be Covered by My Business Insurance?

What Outdoor Hazards May Not Be Covered by My Business Insurance?

What Outdoor Hazards May Not Be Covered by My Business Insurance?

Be sure to know what is covered by your business owners insurance in Orange, CA.

Thinking that your Business Insurance has you covered for all business-related things, you don’t bother with any other kinds of insurance. “I’m good,” you say to yourself the night before a lost dog visits your luscious landscaping and makes it its personal jungle gym. Your rare petunias and exotic shrubbery have been destroyed! You call your insurance only to find out that your landscaping is not covered by your current insurance. Know what outdoor hazards are typically not covered by small business insurance.


A business owners policy (BOP) usually protects the building itself, and all of the contents that lie within it—just as you’d expect it to. More often than not, this protection will also extend to items that are within 100 feet of your building, like art or furniture.
There are some policies that cover outside of 100 feet, so be sure to check with your insurance agent to know what exactly is covered when it comes to your business.


There are some situations in which additional outdoor coverage may be needed.

  • You or your employees carry company equipment to an offsite event. Expensive lighting and cameras to music festivals, or expensive tools to construction sites. You may want to consider: property-in-transit and off-premise coverage.
  • You have an outdoor sign that is not attached to your building. You may consider: outdoor signage coverage.
  • Your company uses outdoor tables, chairs, heaters, etc. If your company relies on outdoor furniture you should consider outdoor property coverage.
  • Outdoor fences, antennae, or satellite dishes if people are depending on you for the big game. Mechanical breakdown coverage is what you should be considering.
  • And of course, if you have extensive/expensive landscaping such as trees, shrubs, flowers, or rockwork that would be costly to replace, you should outdoor property coverage.


You shouldn’t be caught off-guard when it comes to your business and its insurance policy. When looking for the right BOP for your unique business, contact the independent insurance professionals at Remland Insurance in the City of Orange.


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