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What kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Pool?

What kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Pool?

If you’re going to be installing a pool, acquiring life insurance for it is the best course of action. But what kind of insurance do you need?

What kind of Insurance Do I Need for My Pool?

All pools—from simple above-ground kiddy pools to an aquatic sea world—can be dangerous and need to be properly insured and be in compliance with local safety standards. Apart from being covered for when your pool breaks down, you have to be insured if your pool is the scene of one of the 3,200 deaths that happen in the US every year. We’re here to teach you about the kinds of life insurance policies you should purchase when it comes to your pool.

The first thing you should do is let your insurance company know that you now have a swimming pool, since owning a pool increases your liability risk. Pools are what is known as an “attractive nuisance”, and it’s advisable to purchase additional liability insurance. The majority of homeowners typically have at least $100,000 worth of liability protection. Pool owners, however, may want to increase their current policy to $300,000 to best avoid any legal action the other family.

An umbrella policy is something that you might want to consider buying for the best kind of protection. For an additional $200 to $300 more a year, you can get $1 million with of liability protection. Umbrella insurance is a policy that gives your home protection from things in, above, and around it.

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