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Ways to Save on Your Motorcycle Insurance


Ways to Save on Your Motorcycle Insurance

Motorists, instead of cutting down on your coverage, cut your insurance costs.

If your motorcycle isn’t your primary mode of transportation, you’re likely to keep it tucked away and only hop on it for a sunny afternoon ride. While you may enjoy the thrill of this, you may hate forking out your hard-earned savings each month to keep it protected. Fortunately, there are several (effective) ways that you can save on your insurance.

Enroll in a safety course.
A safety course certificate tells insurers that you’re dedicated to being safe, and that you took extra effort in becoming a responsible driver – earning yourself a discount on insurance!

Get custom coverage.
Make sure that your policy only reflects the way you use your bike. If you store your motorcycle in the garage or keep in hibernated all winter, let your insurer know. If you only drive your bike on a sunny weekend, your insurance could be much cheaper than for someone who rides their bike to work every day.

Raise your deductible.
The deductible is the amount that you pay out of pocket after an accident. Higher deductibles mean that the insurance company assumes less risk – but you pay more out of pocket when filing a claim. Consider this cost before raising your deductible.

Pay in full.
With many insurers, if you pay your premium in full, rather than monthly, you’ll receive a discount!

Know your risks.
Love your top-of-the-line bike? Others probably do, too. The risk of theft and vandalism increases with an expensive bike, as well as having costly repairs. In turn, an insurance policy increases!

Are you ready to secure the right motorcycle insurance for your needs? Contact the professionals at Remland Insurance to get started on your coverage.


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