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How Can You Prevent Water Damage at Your Business

Water damage prevention tips

How Can You Prevent Water Damage at Your Business

Water can damage your home in multiple ways, whether it involves flooding, a leaky pipe, a frozen pipe, or moisture buildup that leads to mold and mildew. Each of these problems should be dealt with immediately and covered with appropriate insurance. Here are important water damage prevention tips for your business.

    1. Seal cracks and gaps

      One of the most important water damage prevention tips is to seal cracks and gaps in your building’s exterior and piping. Not only will it keep bugs from entering the building, but it will also make your building more energy-efficient. Additionally, it will reduce the risk of pipes bursting in the winter.

    2. Insulate exposed pipes

      Poorly insulated pipes can become frozen during cold temperatures. If the water freezes, it can cause enough pressure for the pipes to burst, resulting in flooding. Wrapping the pipes with appropriate insulation will reduce the risk of bursting.

    3. Keep heat at sufficient temperatures

      One way to prevent pipes from freezing is to routinely monitor your building’s thermostat. Never set it lower than 50 degrees, and try to keep temperatures stable throughout the day. Periodically check the batteries in the thermostat to see if they need replacing.

    4. Inspect gutters and drainage

      It’s crucial to clean your gutters after a storm to make sure leaves and debris aren’t clogging them. Clogging can lead to water backup and damage to your roof.

    5. Clear your roof

      You should also make sure snow and ice do not build up on the roof, which can lead to ice dams that prevent drainage. It’s important to know your roof’s load capacity so that ice buildup doesn’t exceed its weight limits.

    6. Maintain and inspect your HVAC and sprinkler systems

      Regularly hire an HVAC inspector to check your heating and cooling system for spotting problems early. It’s also helpful to have a plumber inspect your pipes and sprinkler systems.

    7. Locate your shut-off valve

      Be aware of where your shut-off valve is located in case a pipe bursts. You’ll need to shut the water off immediately to avoid flooding.

    8. Keep track of valuable items

      Take inventory of your valuable items and have them appraised for your insurer to document. If there’s a chance of flooding, move your valuables immediately to a safe location.

    9. Get the right kind of business insurance

      Another one of the most crucial water damage prevention tips is to make sure you have the right coverage that financially protects your commercial property.

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