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Variables to Consider When Seeking Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary Car Insurance

Variables to Consider When Seeking Temporary Car Insurance

If you are looking for an affordable auto insurance policy, you may consider adding minimal coverage. Another option that many drivers consider is temporary car insurance. While a temporary policy may allow you to save money, there are a few risks to consider.

If you only plan on driving for a relatively short amount of time, temporary car insurance is an option. This policy is designed for drivers who only need coverage for a relatively short period. It may be ideal if you only need coverage for six months or less. Most insurance companies write traditional auto insurance policies that last for six months to a full year. It does not make sense for insurers to write insurance coverage for a few weeks. This type of coverage may be complicated to find, but you can still obtain it.

Is Temporary Car Insurance a Good Fit?

Temporary car insurance may be a good fit if you’ve purchased a new car that you plan on keeping only for a short period of time. You may consider temporary coverage now so that you can take time to find a permanent policy. If you’re only driving for a few hours, you probably don’t need a traditional auto insurance policy. Temporary car insurance may be a fit if you are traveling abroad and taking your car out of the country with you. A temporary auto insurance policy would cover you while you spend a few weeks out of the country.

How Your Traditional Auto Insurance Policy May Be Affected?

Generally, your auto insurance policy should cover a temporary rental. In that situation, you may not need to obtain temporary car insurance. Rental coverage acts similar to the type of coverage on your personal vehicle. It may extend to your rental if you have a comprehensive insurance deductible. If you use cars on the job, talk to your insurer. Your personal auto insurance may not cover any rental vehicles you use to conduct business.

Non-Owner Liability Coverage

Non-owner liability policies are beneficial in rare cases. They include some exclusions. Search online to find a good rate. Contact your insurer to see if they offer non-owned liability coverage. You may save money by avoiding the possibility of doubling coverage.

Other Things to Consider

Depending on your situation, temporary car insurance may not be necessary. Talk to your insurer and explain your circumstances. They can inform you if you have adequate coverage in place. Your insurer may cover your vehicle for a few weeks. If you’re driving someone else’s car, speak to the owner. They can speak with your insurer to make sure that everything is covered. You may not have to purchase coverage. If you are renting a car, contact your credit card company. Some companies cover rentals if you’re using your credit card to pay for the car. If you don’t own the car, you can purchase non-owner liability coverage. Keep in mind, though, that liability coverage will not protect you if the car suffers damage.

The cost of temporary car insurance depends on the type of vehicle that you are covering. Other variables that may influence your policy include the length of time that you are using the vehicle, your claims history, and your plans for using the vehicle. You may have different coverage options available depending on your situation—so research basic coverage, collision, and comprehensive before making a final decision.

What About Your Personal Items?

You can inquire about personal effects coverage. However, remember that the policy only covers your personal items that are not attached to the car or any items on the actual vehicle. In most cases, your personal items in the vehicle are covered through your home or renters insurance policy.

Consult with Remland Insurance Services Inc.

Before purchasing temporary car insurance, speak with your insurer. Be sure to shop around and see what other coverage options may be available. If you have any questions regarding your auto insurance coverage, our experts at Remland Insurance Services Inc. are here to assist you.


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