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Fun Facts For Valentine’s Day

Fun Facts For Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Orange CA

Spice Up Your Sweetheart’s Celebration With These Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day provides a lovely opportunity to shower your loved ones with gifts to show you care, and let your friends, family members and colleagues know how much you value them. Unfortunately, the hyper-commercialization of the holiday can make it seem less exciting since we have been seeing red and pink décor in virtually every store nationwide since just a few days after the New Year began.

To keep your holiday exciting, we would like to offer these fun facts. Wow your sweetheart and impress your co-workers with these interesting tidbits about the upcoming holiday.

  • The days leading up to the 14th bring significant revenue to industries that are cashing in on the holiday. Over one billion greeting cards are sent each Valentine’s Day, and over $1 billion is spent on chocolate for the holiday.
  • While we turn to sweet treats to celebrate, in medieval times young women would consume bizarre foods in hopes they would inspire dreams of their future spouses.
  • The Italian city of Verona (where Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet is set) receives around 1,000 cards addressed to Juliet each Valentine’s Day.
  • While women purchase 85 percent of all valentines, men buy 73 percent of the flowers and the majority of the candy purchased for the holiday.
  • 8 billion candy hearts are made for the celebration each year, which is enough to stretch from Rome, Italy to Valentine, Arizona twenty times and back again!

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