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The High Cost Of Unemployment Fraud

The High Cost Of Unemployment Fraud

Unemployment Fraud Orange CA

The Consequences Of This Illegal Act

Unemployment benefits are a crucial way that our country protects individuals and families from significant financial hardship after one loses one’s job. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of this safeguard and file for these unemployment benefits when they are not needed. If you commit this illegal act—called unemployment fraud—you will face the following consequences.

  • Repayment: Of course, the first course of action after your unemployment fraud is discovered must—and will—be your repayment of any and all benefits you received from the government. You can expect to pay every single penny back.
  • Criminality: Because unemployment fraud is illegal, you can also expect to be convicted. If you have committed fraud in the past and/or if you took in a lot of money from the benefits you collected, you will face criminal charges that will result in penalty fees and possibly jail time. Also, because you will be convicted the act will go on your criminal record. When you hope to find another job, your record could be prohibitive.
  • Prohibition: If, in the future, you find that you actually need unemployment benefits, they will be much more difficult to secure if you have committed insurance fraud. That is not to say you will not be able to collect these benefits, but you can expect the process to be much more rigorous and time consuming than if you had not committed fraud.

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