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Tricks to Deal With the Halloween Treats

Tricks to Deal With the Halloween Treats

Tricks to Deal With the Halloween Treats

Halloween is a great holiday in which we stuff our faces with candy and chocolate, but is there a healthier alternative? 

We’ve all been there: you come back home after a successful trick-or-treating session with your pals and stuff your face with truly astounding amounts of sugar. As children, we ignored our parents’ warning and later faced the consequences of a sugar overload which included an upset stomach and hugging the toilet all night long, as our parents silently thought, “Why didn’t you listen, child?” Now we’re fully grown and hope that our children will be able to learn from our mistake. The following tricks may help you deal the Halloween treats and avoid an upset stomach.

  1. Say Yes to the Candy (At Least Some of It)
    Banning chocolate altogether may lead to rebellious behavior and even an unhealthy relationship with candy. This is a great time to teach your child about moderation and the concept of delayed gratification: if they only have a little bit of candy at a time, they can enjoy candy later into the year–something that many adults (from salespeople to Congress) still don’t comprehend and fail to see through.
  2. Tiny Tummies Deserve Tiny Portions
    A normal-sized chocolate bar can have more than 200 calories, 24 grams of sugar, and over 8 grams of saturated fat. (That’s nearly half of the recommended daily fat!) Aiming for less than 100 calories of candy a day is a great way to not overwork their small pancreas–the organ that creates insulin.

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