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Toyota’s “Mutual Driving Agreement” For Families With Teen Drivers

Toyota’s “Mutual Driving Agreement” For Families With Teen Drivers

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Image Credit: Toyota Motor Company (website)

Nearly all of our staff here at Remland Insurance drive Toyota vehicles and truly love their features, safety and insurance rates.Toyota as a company has gone through some hard times, but are back on top selling more vehicles then ever here in the United States. The amazing thing about the Toyota brand is that they don’t just make cars…they care about the drivers who will sit behind the wheels of their vehicles.

On the radio this morning, our office Social Media gal,Christi heard a short clip about the “Mutual Driving Agreement” that Toyota released for parents of teen drivers. The website is chalked full of useful webinars, lessons, coaching, quizzes and more all designed to help further educate new drivers and their parents on the safest techniques for driving on the open road.

Our personal favorite concept on the website is the “Mutual Driving Agreement,” which is a document read and signed by the new teen driver and his or her parents that clearly outlines and states the importance of driving and all the responsibilities that come with it. The document also addresses any consequences that will occur if the teen driver fails to keep the agreement and holds the parent accountable for their driving actions and example as well.

This great tool is available for free and can be printed multiple times or re-written to accommodate the specific needs of your family. The agreement can even include California auto insurance payment options and how your family plans to have the teen driver help pay if rates increase due to poor driving or an accident. We would like to personally thank Toyota Motor Company for coming up with such a great concept and making it available to the public.

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