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Top 6 Health Risks for Men Over 40

Top 6 Health Risks for Men Over 40

Life gets so busy sometimes…with work, children, family, friends and more, men and women often forget to stop and take care of themselves. This summer, we encourage you to take time out for yourself and get your body into healthy shape. Men over 40 years of age are facing some major health risks and there are many ways to prevent them from happening to you or your loved ones!

  1. Being Single – Surprisingly men who are in a committed, married relationship tend to live longer due to the social connection of a spouse. Unmarried men generally have poorer health habits such as eating worse, drinking, no regular dr. visits and more.
  2. Electronic Obsession – Having an “internet addiction” can cause men to become detached in the work place and at home with their family.  Americans spend countless hours in front of a television, computer, cellular device and more daily. Individuals that spend more than 3 hours a day have greater odds of dying from a chronic disease.
  3. Sunscreen Mishaps – Men over the age of 40 have the highest exposure to damaging UV rays. Men are twice as likely to develop skin cancer then women. Protect yourself daily with a good SPF 30 to cover your most exposed areas (Head, Arms, Legs, Neck).
  4. Dangerous Diet – Men tend to eat more meals out of the home then in the home in today’s busy world. Poor nutrition contributes to heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Fast food joints may be convenient, but they are the worst place to find nutrition. Start packing a lunch and eat dinner at home nightly to prevent unnecessary chemicals from getting into your body.
  5. Smoking – Men over 65 who smoke are twice as likely to die of a stroke. Lung Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and lung disease are just a few of the horrible side effects of a lifetime of smoking. Educate your children on the importance of staying away from this bad habit.
  6. Reckless Driving – Men generally have more car accidents in their lifetime then women do. Some men tend to be overconfident in their driving skills and misjudge traffic and speeding patters. This year, take your time driving from place to place. Be sure and use your Bluetooth divide while on the phone, and absolutely no text messaging while driving. Your California auto insurance rate and coverage all depend on yoru ability to operate a vehicle safely.

This summer, start taking better care of yourself. Avoid these major health risks and you will add years to your life.  Enjoy time with family, friends and enjoy the simple pleasures of life here in the United States. Engage in meaningful things like quality time with loved ones, physical health and get enough rest.

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