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Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Vehicle

worst things to do to a car

Top 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Vehicle

Here at Remland Insurance we deal with weekly California auto insurance claims. Car wrecks, burglaries, weather damage you name it…but there are often claims that can be prevented if you take great care of your vehicle. Here in Southern California we are lucky to have wonderful sunny weather and virtually zero chance of snow so our vehicles are already at an advantage from most of the country.

Your car is a well-designed, high functioning machine that requires little maintenance and some minor TLC. When this basic care is neglected, the auto mechanic bill goes sky high due to a lack of care that could easily be taken care of on a Saturday afternoon. According to, these small mistakes can cause the most damage to a car internally as well as put you and your passengers at risk if not properly maintained.

10 Worst Things To Do To A Car

  1. Ignoring the “check engine” light on the dashboard
  2. Forgetting to check your tire pressure
  3. Having unqualified mechanics work on your vehicle
  4. Not changing the oil every 3-5,000 miles
  5. Trying to service you own high-tech vehicle (luxury cars)
  6. Using generic after-market parts instead of the manufacturer’s quality party
  7. Neglecting engine fluids that need to be topped off
  8. Obeying the scheduled maintenance recommendations
  9. Not changing fuel and air filters
  10. Allowing brake pads to grind without replacement

These simple steps can be solved with one good trip to the car dealership, and can truly help prevent any major disasters internally in your vehicle. These elements may be put aside because they are not exposed to the eye, but they are the lifeblood of your vehicle so be sure to take great care of it and it will take great care of you!


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