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Tips for RV Rental Insurance Coverage

Tips for RV Rental Insurance Coverage

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As summer break approaches and Spring Break vacations are in full swing, we want your vacation memories to be fun, safe and as affordable as possible. Many people choose to fly to a destination and stay in a hotel…which is a perfectly fun vacation. Others may choose to rent an RV and drive to a destination making memories out on the open road!

If the RV rental  is your ride of choice, may we take a few moments to share some driving safety tips and insurance insight to that may help your vacation run smoother and cost a lot less!

  1. Practice driving your RV rental around your neighborhood or an open parking lot to become familiar with all of the buttons, turn radius, signals and overall feel of the vehicle
  2. Know your RV’s height and be aware of bridges, signs and low road coverings – we also advise that you do not attempt to go through a drive-thru to pick up food!
  3. Practice parking in a wide open parking lot or along a stretch of curb as RV parking is much different than car parking
  4. Read over the manual given with driving instructions and keep the number to the rental company handy
  5. Call your California insurance agent, and add the RV to your auto insurance coverage for the days of rental contract
  6. Stay in the slow lane on the freeway – don’t cause a scene by having people honk, yell or swerve around you while traveling in the carpool lane
  7. Have fun!

We wish you safe travels and a very fun trip full of memories and laughter! Give Remland Insurance a call today with any further questions about adding RV insurance to your auto policy – (714) 532-3341

***Photo credit: Cruise America – RV Rental ( Locations for RV pick up in Irvine and Long Beach, CA)


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