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Tips for Driving in an Emergency

Tips for Driving in an Emergency

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Most Americans drive their cars seven days a week. Luckily here in California we do not experience drastic weather changes and conditions, but what is the fog rolled in to thick you couldn’t see, or the roads became icy after a long cold night? Are you prepared to drive in those road conditions? Your California auto insurance policy is there to protect you and your vehicle, but the following tips can truly help you survive emergencies on the roads this winter.

  1. Stay Calm – More damage is typically done when the driver panics and makes wrong decisions based on fear. The best way to avoid an accident is to stay calm and now overreact. Gently ease onto the brakes or off the gas this way your tires can keep up with the road conditions and help the car to stabilize.
  2. Ask for Help – If you are driving with a passenger in the vehicle, ask them to assist you with lane changes and blind spots. The more sets of eyes you have watching the road and your surroundings the better.
  3. Stay out of the Fog – Learn how to properly defrost your vehicle, and do your very best to avoid driving in thick foggy conditions. Poor visibility is common in fog, rainstorms and extreme wind. If conditions arise like this, pull off to a safe place and wait for them to pass. Also, it’s important to keep your windshield clean by using wipers or a gas station cleaning station.

This winter, do not let road conditions and variables cause an accident. Be very aware of your surroundings and be sure you have the proper California insurance coverage on your vehicles. It’s important to spend time talking to your Insurance Agent and have them explain all coverage options and limits. Our agents here at Remland Insurance would be happy to review your current insurance coverage to be sure you are properly protected if any accident were to arise. Stay safe out on the roads!Forecast says lots of rain in in store for next week!

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