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The Top 20 Most Popular Passwords of 2014

The Top 20 Most Popular Passwords of 2014

Do you have a million passwords to remember? For our staff alone here at Remland Insurance, we could compile a list of 500+ passwords to remember with all the companies we represent, emails, social media sites, game websites and more! It’s all a bit overwhelming, but take caution when you choose to use an easy or common password. There are people who spend their entire day trying to break past your security settings and steal your private data.

Yahoo recently released a list of the Top 20 most common passwords. It’s amazing to think that people use these common passwords on something as private as an email account. Hackers know this list of 25 very well, and the odds are great that you have had a security breach on at least one of your protected accounts in the past.  

The following list is the Top 20 Most Common Passwords released by Yahoo. If you see a password on the list that you currently use, it’s time to make some changes! Protect your personal and private data by creating an original password that no one could guess…

  1. password
  2. 123456
  3. 12345678
  4. abc123
  5. qwerty
  6. monkey
  7. letmein
  8. dragon
  9. 111111
  10. Baseball
  11. iloveyou
  12. trustno1
  13. 1234567
  14. sunshine
  15. master
  16. 123123
  17. welcome
  18. shadow
  19. ashley
  20. football

Some tips for creating a new password would be to use an acronym, title of a song, mix numbers and letters or have your children give you suggestions! They have the best imaginations in the world and were pretty sure no one would be able to crack their code! Protect yourself and your information, choose a safe password!


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