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The Difference Between Car Warranty & Car Insurance in Orange, CA

The Difference Between Car Warranty & Car Insurance in Orange, CA

The Difference Between Car Warranty & Car Insurance in Orange, CACar warranties and car insurance in Orange, CA are inherently different. You should know the difference and why you need both of them.

If you’ve ever bought a car at a dealership, then you’ve likely heard the phrase, “Would you like to buy the extended warranty?” Warranties and insurance are two terms that come up every time you purchase a new vehicle. These policies are often seen as covering the same thing, and some don’t bother purchasing both. In reality, though, both of these services cover two separate things and are required for complete protection on the road. Know why you need to know the difference between the two and why you need to purchase both of them.


Like most products we use, cars come with a basic period of warranty. During this time, the company guarantees that their product will be free from any manufacturing defects, and if any arise, the company will replace the parts they deem necessary to ensure that you have a properly functioning vehicle. In essence, anytime your car breaks down without any fault or negligence on your part, the warranty has you and your vehicle covered.


Car insurance covers things that have nothing to do with the warranty. Things like traffic accidents, branches falling on your vehicle, vandalism, theft, fire damages, etc. It can also cover medical bills that are associated with your accident. Accidents happen, so it’s always good to be on the safe side and have as much coverage as you think you’ll need. Auto insurance is also legally required by all drivers, and a hefty fine could be dealt to you if you are caught without it.

Our staff at Remland Insurance is very experienced in all matters regarding auto insurance and would be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding this issue.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to quote your California insurance coverage in 2016!


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