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The Declassified New Homeowners Survival Guide

The Declassified New Homeowners Survival Guide

The Declassified New Homeowners Survival Guide

You’ve purchased your very first home and are looking to make it feel like yours, but where do you even get started?

Being a first-time homeowner can make you feel a variety of emotions at the same time: happiness, fear, excitement, and stress. It’s a fun but also scary time. From unpacking your belongings to tackling your first set of home maintenance tasks, it can be a little daunting if you don’t know where to start. As you settle into your new place, follow these tips as we take you through the Declassified New Homeowners Survival Guide.

The Declassified New Homeowners Survival Guide

Do . . .  Change the Lock – You never know to whom the old homeowner gave copies of the house. Erase the risk of a break-in by immediately changing the lock on all of your doors and windows that require keys.

Don’t . . . Rely on Dogs for Security – While the biggest guard dog you can find may look threatening, they could be sweethearts deep down and only be the smallest of inconveniences for the burglar. The only reason to buy a dog is because they are our best friends.

Do . . . Take Care of Jobs You Can Tackle – If you’re particularly handy around the house and a leaky faucet is something you can handle, go for it. Installing mounted flatscreens, constructing bookshelves, trampolines, etc. are all things you can probably do.

Don’t . . . Do It Yourself If You Can’t Do It Yourself – If you’re not a plumber or electrician, don’t try and fix these problems. You could potentially make them worse or even put yourself in harm’s way by accidentally electrocuting yourself with high voltage stopping your heart in the blink of an eye.

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