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Uninsured? Know The Real Cost

Uninsured? Know The Real Cost

The Costs of Being UninsuredIf you do not have health insurance, you should be aware of the risks!

States that embrace the ObamaCare law face an increased rate on uninsured people. Despite the opposition to Medicaid and subsidies, uninsured rates continue to fall. Even with an uninsured rate nearing 10%, national coverage is still far off.

Medical bills can be extremely high if you have a serious accident or illness, which could be unmanageable without any health insurance. The uninsured face a tax penalty which can be as much as 2.5% of their yearly earnings. As more Americans become aware of the penalty fee of being uninsured, and knowledge of subsidies, the uninsured rate is declining and is predicted to drop sharply during the 2016 open enrollment.

It goes without saying that holding no health insurance will put your health at risk. Studies have shown that the uninsured are about 25% more likely to die than those with health insurance. The former will pay more for medical care, delay or go without treatments, have less access to effective preventative care, as well as restricted choices of treatment should you be ill or injured.

With 6.74% of California residents getting insured since 2014, it is important that you receive the care that you and your family deserve, when you need it the most. Contact Remland Insurance to receive the most complete health insurance policy to suit your lifestyle and needs.


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