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The Best Car Insurance for College Students

The Best Car Insurance for College Students

studentInsurance can be affordable for college students, with the right discounts.

As a college student, you’re often forced to buy Ramen noodles and store brand Cap’n Crunch to sustain yourself throughout the entire semester. While this may not be the best—or even a semi-decent—diet, it’s understood why you do this: the low price of these foods.

Younger drivers are prone to higher premiums because they lack experience and more likely to be involved in an accident. You shouldn’t have to settle for the Ramen of car insurance when it comes to your safety all because of money. There are options to help offset these costs!

Good discounts, for good students.

Insurance is completely based on statistics. The stats show that students who get good grades are less likely to be involved in an accident, thus, a discount may be rewarded because insurance companies see them as a lower risk.

How many discounts are available to you, and how much will be saved, all depends on the insurance company, so it is important to compare different types of car insurance providers to make sure you’re getting the best discounts.

How to Qualify.

Good student discounts are available, but how do you know if you qualify? Most car insurance companies require you:

  • Be younger than 25
  • Maintain at least a B Average (3.0+ GPA)
  • Be enrolled full-time at a college/university, or high school
  • Show proof of good performance—should you be home-schooled.

If, currently, your grades do not meet the requirement, all is not lost. You can hit the books and get them up! Once your grades meet the requirements you can revisit the discounts with your insurance company.

Proving your status as a good student.

Just telling your insurance company that you’re an amazing student doesn’t work; you have to show them proof of your blood, sweat, and tears (i.e. your good grades).

Your report card, transcript, or a letter signed by your school administrator are typically accepted by car insurance companies as proof of your good student status. You also may have to prove your status every time you renew your policy.


Just because your diet consists of Ramen, Sunny D., and store brand Cap’n Crunch, doesn’t mean that you have to settle on cheap insurance that won’t really cover you if you get into an accident. As a college student you deserve to have quality insurance with quality cost. Contact Remland Insurance Services in Orange, CA to get the coverage that is right for you!


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