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Tech Tips for Your Holiday Travel

Tech Tips for Your Holiday Travel

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Did you know that over 93 million people are expected to travel this holiday season? That is a huge amount of warm bodies and transportation moving around our glorious planet, and our staff would like to share a few little tech savvy travel tips with you and your family to help make your holiday travel season a little bit brighter!

With all ofthe technology available at our finger tips, it’s wise to use them to theirfull capacity. The following tips should help give you a piece of mind thisholiday season as you are away from home.

  • Organize what you pack – If you plan to travelby plane, the airport security staff will ask you to remove laptops and placethem in a bin to go through the scanners, however if you bring a tablet, youcan go ahead and keep it in your bag, so pack light this holiday and leave thecomputer at home!
  • Use your tools – Use smart phone app’s like “GasBuddy” or “Google Maps” to track your route or find the cheapest gas priceswhen you are away from home.
  • Upload emergency information – Make special noteof all emergency contacts and log them into your phone in case travel plans getchanged. There is nothing worse than bring away from home without importantinformation!
  • Use free Wi-Fi – Save your 3G & 4G data useby locating free Wi-Fi connections at travel stops. Airports now days usuallyall have a free hot-spot and will allow you to surf the web without adding toyour phone bill!
  • Share an airport shuttle – Shareporter (iOS) is a ride matchmaking service that helps travelers locate each other to be able to share or split cost of taxi rides to the airport!
  • Snap some photos – Before you pack your bags and head out to your holiday destination, be sure to snap some photos around your home and turn off any major appliances you can. Your California home insurance is set in place to cover any damages, but it’s always a great idea to shut down unnecessary items for the time period you are traveling.


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