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Surpassing The SUV

Surpassing The SUV

Auto Insurance Orange CA

Would Another Vehicle Better Meet Your Needs?

If you have a large family, need a lot of storage space, or travel regularly a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) can meet your needs. Unfortunately, an SUV can also come with bad fuel economy, a big price tag, and reduced flexibility in parking and navigating the road. If you have been searching for a vehicle that gives you more space, you have options other than the traditional SUV. Here are a few alternatives you might consider.

  • Crossovers: A crossover offers you increased space, like an SUV, blended with the better handling of a smaller vehicle. They have increased cargo space but are built on a passenger-car chassis instead of a truck platform so you get the smooth ride we often associate with cars. Many crossovers feature third-row seating and all-wheel drive.
  • Minivans: These vehicles are not just for suburban moms any more, as many manufacturers are working to give them a sporty, youthful look. With side sliding doors and a lowered floor, they are much easier to get into than SUVs yet still offer seating for seven or eight passengers. Additionally, they are usually more affordable than SUVs and cost of ownership is lower because of decreased maintenance costs and increased fuel economy.
  • Wagons: Wagons have come a long way from the old, unstylish family station wagons. With a more stylish look and low center of gravity, you can find wagons with optional third-row seating and great handling all for a much more affordable price than an SUV.

When you find your perfect vehicle, contact Remland Insurance Services. Located in Orange, California and serving all of Orange County, our team of independent agents is here to help you get the auto insurance your ideal vehicle deserves.


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