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Summertime and Your California Boat Insurance

Summertime and Your California Boat Insurance

Summer in California is full of adventure, outdoor fun and lots of time spent in the water. With the ocean lining our local coast and many private lakes in surrounding areas residents are gearing up for weekend lake trips and more! If you plan to take a summer vacation with you family and use a boat or personal watercraft it’s very important to secure the proper insurance prior to taking the boat out for a spin. 

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A boatowners insurance policy is critical if you own or rent a boat due to the extreme speed and nature of the sport. In the months of June, July and August total number of accidents typically double here in California due to the busy season on the lakes, harbor and surrounding ocean. Accidents sadly end in fatalities more than you would expect and can typically be avoided if the boat drivers out on the open water were 100% present and alert when driving.

You cannot control the behavior of others, but you can control the behavior of your driving behind the boat wheel and also practice sober driving while operating any type of vehicle/vessel. Obtaining the proper liability insurance protects boatowners property, claims, lawsuits, injuries and other person’s properties that are involved in an accident.  Another important coverage which falls under the liability category is medical evaluation and payments. 

If you are thinking of purchasing, renting or taking your already owned boat out on the lake this summer, it’s a great idea to speak with a California insurance agent and get the highest quality of coverage possible. Our agents here at Remland Insurance would be happy to help so give us a call today at 714) 532-3341 or visit our Virtual Insurance Office at


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