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Step Aside AAA, There’s A New Kid In Town – Mercury Insurance

Step Aside AAA, There’s A New Kid In Town – Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance has added a great new service for all of their California Auto Insurance Customers…


Roadside Assistance – a goodwill coverage – helping your customers in their time of need. It’s NEW and we are happy to give you exceptional products to sell.


Mercury Roadside Assistance is now included at no additional cost on all vehicles insured for collision coverage. The insured can simply call the number on the back of their ID card and Mercury Insurance Call Center will immediately dispatch a service vehicle to assist with the mishap.

Sometimes an insured will call the agency though to report the incident for reimbursement. The most efficient way to report it then is:

1. Fax it to 714-672-4826 OR

2. Email it to: [email protected]

Coverage G — Roadside Assistance Coverage:



For all vehicles listed in the declarations with collision coverage, we will provide Roadside Assistance coverage up to a limit of $75 per occurrence, up to a maximum of five (5) occurrences per policy period. A “disabled vehicle” means a vehicle disabled at a place other than a service station, garage or repair facility, as a result of:

1. Mechanical or electrical breakdown;

2. Battery failure;

3. Insufficient supply of fuel, oil, water, or other fluid;

4. Flat tire;

5. Lock-out; or

6. Entrapment in snow, mud, water, or sand, within 100 feet of a road or highway.

Under this coverage we will pay for the following services performed at the place of disablement: towing, locksmith services, jump-start, flat tire, fuel and fluid delivery.

Mercury Roadside Assistance Coverage does not apply to:

1. Cost of parts, fluids, lubricants, fuel, replacement keys or the labor

2. Installation of products or materials not related to the disablement

3. Labor not related to the disablement

4. Towing or storage related to impoundment or abandonment

5. Labor or repair work performed at a service station

6. Auto storage charges

7. Tire repair

8. Mounting or removing of snow tires or chains

We appreciate you helping our insured’s understand this new enhancement to their policy. Remland Insurance is a proud carrier of Mercury Insurance. We carry a variety of their California auto insurance coverage as well as California home insurance coverage.

Source: Mercury Insurance


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