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Stay One Step Ahead of Business Interruption Risks

Stay One Step Ahead of Business Interruption Risks

Stay One Step Ahead of Business Interruption RisksWhen it comes to the cash flow of your business, it shouldn’t have to be interrupted just because of a natural disaster. 

Despite the news of natural disasters and manmade horrors that seemingly never leave the media’s attention, we find that many businesses still have not thought about the potential impact these dangers will have on their business. As a result, they may only end up with a risk management program that ignores potential losses or an insurance program that simply doesn’t provide enough coverage for their potential losses. Here is what you need to know about business insurance to prevent and stay one step ahead of business interruption risks.

  1. Kind of Business. Your business should determine what your insurance policy will look like. In fact, a restaurant’s policy will look very different from that of an online retailer. One policy could focus on property losses while the other looks for cyber liability losses.
  2. Policy Limits. You have to make sure that you’re covered for the length of time it could take your business to get back up and running. If there’s a fire that destroys your business, you’re likely going to have to cease operations, forcing you to close your doors temporarily–and lose income. Your limits determine how much you’ll receive over a certain time that is chosen by you when creating your policy.
  3. Financial Impact on Your Business. It’s important to understand total business expenses if an interruption were to occur. Completing a business interruption worksheet will help you quantify direct income exposures, so you know how much interruption coverage you’re qualified for receiving.

Understanding business interruption can only help you to prepare for the worst. Our staff at Remland Insurance is very experienced in all matters regarding business interruption insurance and would be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding this issue.  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to quote your California insurance coverage in 2016! Contact us today.


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