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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Household

Spring Cleaning Tips for your Household

Spring cleaning season is here! That time of year when families go through their homes and deep clean those hard-to-reach places and get rid of extra items they have collected. The task may seem overwhelming, but here are a few helpful tips to getting the whole house done quickly and efficiently!  

  • When cleaning, make sure you are in a well ventilated area, and open the windows to get some fresh air in the space so that you are not breathing in the fumes
  • Household cleaners can also be expensive and take up a lot of cabinet space.   Though cleaners have come a long way in the past few years, but some have still been known to cause toxic and dangerous fumes in your home. The best solution is to make your own cleaner using more natural products like: Vinegar, Water, Borax and Baking Soda
  • Make a list of “to do’s” around your home. Each week as you accomplish another task, cross it off! This will help you to stay motivated and organized
  • Get the WHOLE family involved. Carve out a time in the weekly schedule where children can help doing simple tasks. Going through old toys, clothing and wiping down countertops will make them feel like they helped in a big way!
  • Use Dryer Sheets on your baseboard…sounds funny but the fabric softener in each sheet will help repel dust longer!
  • MAKE IT FUN! Turn on some music, pour yourself a nice cold beverage and enjoy!

We wish you a very happy Spring season! Enjoy this project as a family so that no – one person gets overwhelmed or burnt out! Happy Spring Cleaning!

Written by: Christi Gartner

Image Credit: Making Chicken Salad


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