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‘Spring Clean’ Your Insurance Policies

‘Spring Clean’ Your Insurance Policies


It is officially SPRING and that means it’s time for spring cleaning! And were not just talking about cleaning up your know…why not clean up your insurance policies and look for extra savings?   Here are a few places to start…

1.)   Update Address, Phones, & Emails –  Has your address, phone number, or email address changed recently?  Have you updated your policies?  Especially if you’ve moved, it’s VERY important to keep this information up to date.  Call every company that you have a policy with and make sure it’s all correct and you’re easy to contact.

2.)   Remove Old Vehicles – Do you have any old vehicles still on your policy that you don’t use or have sold recently?  Have you bought anything new and not gotten around to updating the policy? You only have a short window of time to make these changes in order for the coverage to be in force, so get them done today!

3.)   Renovations – Have you made any updates to your home?  Remodeled your kitchen, added another bathroom, or updated significant appliances or fixtures?  Your replacement cost can change when making upgrades, so make sure that this is reflected in your policy.  If you’ve added a security system or even a portable generator, this could qualify you for new discounts.

4.)   Combine Your Insurance – It can be difficult to have policies spread around with multiple companies and agencies.  Make life easier by getting all of your insurance in one place.  We can write your auto, home, life and even business insurance!  Plus, you’ll save even more with multiple policy discounts.

5.)   Review Your Coverages – So maybe you still have to be with a few different carriers. Or maybe it makes the most sense financially. That’s ok. You should still set up a meeting to review your policies with your agent. You always have options to save. For example, taking a higher deductible on your homeowners can instantly save you money each year. Maybe you have a car that is 8+ years old and perhaps you don’t need collision coverage. Maybe you are missing discounts – like an alarm discount on your home, or daytime running lights. These are small discounts that can add up. Set aside some time to find out what is available to you.

Remland Insurance Services can take care of all these “spring cleaning” concerns in just a few minutes.  Give us a call today at (714) 532-3341


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