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Simple Steps to Take if You are Involved in an Auto Accident

Simple Steps to Take if You are Involved in an Auto Accident

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Auto accidents…hundreds happen each day here in California and are shocking for each and every driver involved.  No driver gets in their car each morning and plans on getting into an auto accident on their way to work, but the chances are ever increasing with the rush of today’s society and the constant interference of technology. If you happen to be involved in an auto accident, and are currently insured properly, no need to panic, just stay calm. If you are currently un-insured or under-insured then there could be some real financial trouble coming your way, so be sure you call your local independent California insurance agent and obtain the proper coverage and limits today.

A few basic steps to follow if you happen to get into a small/non-injury auto accident:

  1. Assess the Situation – Assess where you could have a slight injury or if anyone else in your vehicle or the opposing vehicle is injured. Call 911 immediately if any injuries are recorded and allow the police to assess the situation and damages. Stay in your vehicle until the police or medical help arrives to help.
  2. Gather Information – Get into a safe place, out of the street and exchange information with all other parties involved including witnesses. The most important information to gather includes: name,address, phone numbers, driver’s license number and license plate number of the automobiles involved. It’s also important for California insurance reasons to gather the color, make, model, year and registration for all vehicles involved.Now days it’s simple to snap quick photos of all important documents and damages via Smart Phone so do your very best to record all details.
  3. Get Police Report Info – Be sure to write down any police report number taken, officers names and badge numbers and ask them how your insurance company can get a copy of the accident report.
  4. Call your California Insurance Agent – Insurance companies and adjusters will be the official judge of who is at fault in each accident based on the police report, witness accounts and damages done. We also recommend once you get home and are settles down to write a full report from your point of view as to what you remember happening at the scene of the accident, this is best if done within one to two days of the occurrence.

Our agents here at Remland Insurance are standing by waiting to help you assess what to do in case an accident occurs, and would also be happy to assess your current auto insurance coverage. Please give Remland Insurance a call today with any further questions at 714) 532-3341. 


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