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Simple Bathroom Rennovations That Attract Potential Buyers

Simple Bathroom Rennovations That Attract Potential Buyers

Over the last few years we have seen a huge shift in the housing market. Prices skyrocket, then they drop down to some of the most affordable rates we have seen in decades. In the City of Orange alone, there are nearly 140 homes on the market. But what are the buyers looking for? A nice kitchen, a beautiful backyard, a custom garage…

We have been told that customers do look for all of the above items, but they especially pay close attention to the bathrooms in the home. No one wants to move into a home with a dirty, dingy bathroom that feels unclean and old. If you plan to do any renovations on your home, consider the bathrooms as your first choice to update the space and give it a fresh clean make-over.

Bathroom renovations tips:

  • Choose soothing, Spa-like paint and decor colors to help create a place of rest and rejuvenation.
  • Take out that old tub and put in a beautiful tile shower. Tubs are rarely used, and have the tendency to sit empty for months at a time.
  • Replace the toilet, even if it’s still working. With new paint, fixtures and colors, your “white” toilet could look a bit drab.
  • Purchase new towels and floor mats to help update the space, while spending very little money. Look for store deals, coupons or at discount shops to find unique items.

If you are motivated to get your house on the market while costs are low to purchase a home, be sure to make it desirable for buyers as they visit your home. Pleasant smells, fresh colors and updated design will be the perfect selling point for a new owner or your own family!


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