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Seven Things to Keep Your Wallet

Seven Things to Keep Your Wallet


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Has your wallet gotten out of control lately? Has it stretched out your pants pocket or made your purse extremely heavy? If so, we have come up with some simple tips inspired by about what the most important items to keep with you are.

In the state of California, proof of insurance is required while driving or operating a motor vehicle. Here at Remland Insurance, our staff recommends to keep a copy of your California auto insurance in both your wallet and in the glove compartment of your vehicle. We also think the following 6 items are the perfect items to keep with you at all times…

  •  California auto insurance& medical insurance ID cards – These are a MUST carry anytime you leave the comforts of home. Each card serves its purpose and protects you in any emergency situation
  • Cash – Having a little bit of cash with you at all times makes simple transactions even better! It comes in especially handy when you need that single item at the grocery store, or when you split a restaurant check
  • Emergency Contact Information – This is something most people do NOT already have in their wallet. Having information like two emergency contacts with their name, relationship and phone number can help the police contact the proper people if emergency occurs (write it today and place it in your wallet titling the paper “Emergency Contacts”)
  • Credit/Debit Cards – These two items are the most common form of payment these days and are generally easy to protect. Be sure you cancel any cards if your wallet is lost or stolen
  • California Driver’s License (or Government ID) – This information must be with you at all times, no acceptations! We also recommend bringing your ID with you on a walk or run in case of emergency
  • Business Cards – It’s a good idea to keep a few business cards in your wallet just in case you come across someone you need to trade information with

Items you can leave out of your wallet include: Rewards cards (they can be looked up with phone number or license), Frequent buyer cards (keep them in your car and use when you shop at each store) and receipts (make a special place at home to un-load your wallet daily or receipts). These tips should help you lighten your wallet and keep only the very necessary things inside!


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